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Los Angeles Industrial Real Estate Services. October 2020

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A Full Suite of Commercial Services at No Cost to Clients

If you’re looking for warehouse space in the Los Angeles area, our team of local commercial experts provides a full suite of commercial real estate services from site selection to cost analysis to negotiating lease or sale terms. We only work with tenants and since we don’t represent landlords, we have no conflict of interest when we work with our clients.

Our team has worked with a variety of warehouse requirements and we have handled transactions of 100,000 Sqft or more. The best part about working with our real estate team is that we are normally paid by the landlord once a transaction closes so our services are provided at no cost to you.

List of Services

Site selection based on the specifics of your requirement (cost, size, location, transit access)
Scheduling and touring individual properties
Negotiating terms for lease or purchase of warehouse space
Subleasing / Disposition

How We Locate Warehouse Space

Our database of Los Angeles warehouse listings features nearly 1400 listings and we can perform detailed searches based on your requirements. Unlike property listing sites that don’t allow you to customize your search, we can search at a granular level and send you property profiles that fit your needs instead of general summaries. Here is a list of common queries from high level to specific details:

Size of space required
Location (From general region to specific thoroughfares)
Proximity to airports, seaports, other major transit centers
Space with office / retail components
# of docks
Climate control
Yard size

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