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Renegotiate Your Lease. October 2020

Free Lease Renegotiation Services

In addition to helping businesses find new warehouse space, we can help companies renegotiate an existing lease to take advantage of changes in the market. Our renegotiation process is meant to empower tenants by making a business case that benefits both the tenant and landlord and usually involves extending the term of the lease in exchange for concessions.

However if rates in your market have significantly declined, we can perform a cost analysis of staying vs relocating to a new location and assemble a proposal asking your landlord to adjust rates if it’s cheaper to move to another facility. It’s important to point out that not all landlords are willing to negotiate as a result of cash flow or internal policy but if the opportunity exists to lower your expenses we can help your business take advantage of it.

Our Renegotiation Process

Review your current lease: We look at how much you’re currently paying and what you are expected to pay over the remainder of your lease and compare that to current market rates and if there is a difference between the two we look at the financial implications of renegotiating.

Research Your Landlord: We have completed transactions with a number of landlords and there is a good chance we have previously negotiated leases with them. We can look at how flexible they are and whether they can renegotiate.

Set Goals: How long are you willing to extend the term of your lease? Would you be willing to relocate if there are cheaper options available? How much of a reduction are you looking for? Are there additional concessions you are looking for?

Once we have all of this data, we assemble a detailed proposal that makes a strong business case for renegotiating your lease and begin the process of meeting and discussing your needs with your landlord