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August 2014 LA Warehouse Market Update

Posted on August 17, 2014 ยท Posted in Analysis

We recently updated our market information for Los Angeles warehouse space and here are some of the trends we’re noticing across the market:

Highest Asking Rate Appreciation (Actuals)

The asking rates for warehouse space in these 12 markets grew by the highest amounts. Companies looking for warehouses in these cities should really shop around and look at the costs vs benefits of securing space in one of these markets or somewhere else in the area. In many cases the increases have come as a result of tightening supply and options can be limited in some of the smaller cities.

  1. Pasadena
  2. El Segundo
  3. Alhambra
  4. Montebello
  5. North Hollywood
  6. Glendale
  7. Torrance
  8. Canoga Park
  9. Gardena
  10. Inglewood
  11. Burbank
  12. Industry

Asking Rates Unchanged

For the following markets, we didn’t see any appreciable increase in the average asking rates from when we conducted our last survey. Businesses should pay attention to these markets because they may offer better deals than neighboring areas.

  • Carson
  • San Gabriel
  • San Pedro

Asking Rates Decreased

When we compared data for the following markets, we found that asking rates had actually declined. This could be for a number of reasons but tenants looking for warehouse space in these cities could secure additional concessions.

  • Bellflower
  • Whittier

Photo credit: Andreas Levers