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3PL Providers in LA. October 2020

There is a strong demand for 3PL services in the Los Angeles area and if your business is seeking a 3PL freight and supply chain manager or you want to start your own 3PL business and need space, our advisors can help you at every of the decision making process. We advise companies on 3PL providers and how to setup space if they plan to start a 3PL business of their own.

Below we’ve included some examples of traditional and non-traditional 3PL providers:

Standard: The most basic form of a 3PL, they perform the core activities of any logistics operation such as warehousing, distribution and pick and pack.

Service Developer: This provider offers customers value-added services including tracking, cross-docking, packaging, and security.

Customer Adapter: A customer adapter will come in and manage their client’s logistics and focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations

Customer Developer: A customer developer will integrate themselves with their client and be responsible for all logistics with an extensive set of operations and expectations.

Logistics management is incredibly important especially for businesses moving a large volume of shipments to a vast number of destinations. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business find the right logistics solutions.